Goya Custom Quad 2018

Surfwave Quad

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If you would like to know what Brawzinho and the feedback from our customers around the world have added after the last couple of years then you might want to give these boards a try. Bringing the future into their present, everything has been redesigned and compacted into these progressive shapes, with our forefront principle being “how to make wavesailing even more fun”.

The first thing you will notice on these new boards from the looks will be the fuller body with a narrower outline, through the mid and forward sections. This single change added amazing lightness and control, equally in onshore or offshore conditions.

This is the first year that we didn’t shorten our lengths or reduce our rockers or increased our widths. We are all pretty excited about this evolution, it really brings the best of all our previous years together and pushes the wave discipline forward by not following trends but setting brand new standards.

The bottom shape has been completely redesigned, bringing in the Vee/Shallow Double Concave through the nose and mid section of the board, changing into a Concave/Double Concave starting just behind the front foot, this split in combination at the same point with the split of the 3 stage rocker gives you the access to a Vee or Concave bottom with the lightest foot control, it is basically as if you had Speed/Glide and Grip/Control access at your toes.

The Custom Quad features a bump wing at one foot off the tail which makes it more turny by driving with the back foot.