We are specialized shop for windsurfing, surfing and SUP selling only the best: Goya, Quatro, KT surfing, MFC, Chinook and CAAS.

Flaka team believes that anyone can surf and enjoy the sport.
We have equipment for those who want to make first steps on boards and for the ones that that only a gale brings the smile to their face 🙂
In love with the wind.. anywhere and always.


The Boss

Tadej Peckaj

I am happy as long as I can surf. This means waking up at 2am or riding a gale in close to zero degrees is no obstacle for a good session. I have been windsurfing for quite a long time but in 2008 I made some serious progress with my first jibe, waterstart and forward loop. Since then I have tried myself in freestyle, waves and slalom. I also surf, SUP, snowboard, do MTB downhill and enjoy it all!


Andrej Trsan

Andrej Trsan is probably the best Slovenian windsurfer on waves. It seems like he always hits that perfect spot on the wave. He has been windsurfing all over the world from Hawaii to SA, from Canary islands to local Adriatic. But his favorite spot is One eye at Mauritius. He likes it so much he has half of the equipment stored there so when there isforecast he jumps on the plane with no fuss and enjoys his waves there 🙂 Andrej rides Goya Quad with Banzay sails. He also has Quatro Spehre and Pyramid in multiple volumes.


Bostjan Brnot

Bostjan Brnot better known as Konon in the local and not so local places. He surfs all the Adriatic spots when there is wind, usually goest to the Canary islands for the summer as he has holidays because he is a PE teacher. He's also been to Hawaii and SA. He used to be top freestyle surfer but has gotten into waves in the last 10 years. You can spot him on the water immediately because he spends more time in the air than any other windsurfer. Because of his aggressive style and awesome moves he needs the equipment to match the needs. He is using Goya Guru sails and components from Chinook.

Team rider

Zorana Medaric

Zorana is amongst top Sloenian windsurfers. She is also the first female in Slovenia to do the forward loop! Her home spot is Punta in Piran but she likes to travel to more hardcore places like Fuerteventura and Oman. Zorana surfs Quatro Sphere, Goya Guru and 211components boom.

Team rider

Jaka Rebolj

Jaka Rebolj is a skiing instructor during winter, MTB downhill enthusiast during summer and a very good windsurfer no matter the season. He is a true all-round sportsman. He goes to Karpathos almost every year but sometimes his path leads him to Morocco and Hawaii. He is currently rideing Quatro Cube and Goya Banzai.


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