Goya Fringe and Fringe X 2018

Surfwave 3 Batten

The Fringe is our super light, minimalist wave sail featuring feather light handling, progressive maneuverability, low-end power and high wind control.
The Fringe X is just the same progressive minimalist wave sail as the regular Fringe, soft and feather light, with great low-end power and high wind control. And like the Banzai X, it comes with an X-Ply safety net.

A year of development has made a big difference in the overall handling characteristics of the Fringe. The primary design objective was to improve the handling of the sail in stronger wind. We have achieved that goal with outline refinements, particularly making the sail just a little bit shorter, then adding a bit more head outline. Alongside the necessary shape and luff curve adjustments needed to match the new outline, this led us to a new sail that has big improvements in basic maneuverability.

The new Fringe turns immensely more tight and controlled. New window shapes increase the viewing area. The updated the material in the tack of the sail, equip the Fringe with the new damage protection and increased visual impact.

On top of being the supreme surfwave sail, due to their amazingly light weight, the bigger sizes of the Fringe pair well with foil boards such as the Bolt or Proton.