Goya Custom Thruster 2018

Surfwave Thruster

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Our new dedicated Thruster wave board shapes finally unite the spice of our Custom Quads with the added thrust and full turns that a thruster fin setups are known for. These new shapes increase speed and forward drive as you turn either at the top or bottom of the wave, opening more doors to your sailing. With the fine adjustments of the bottom shape, outline and faster rockers, the Custom Thrusters maximize the feel and ride in side-shore or on-shore conditions for all riders.

The Thruster features a slightly fuller outline than the Quad and runs a shallower Vee/Double Concave through the whole bottom of the board. It comes with a three-phase Medium/Fast Rocker and very balanced volume distribution. The biting Thurster fins are positioned slightly back to improve forceful maneuverability. These boards are instant and true favorites.

The wide points naturally move back a little this season, not by increasing the tail area but through narrower nose outlines. This change makes the Custom Thruster more agile and fun.

The bottom features a vee with concaves, with the strongest concaves between your stance for grip, and Vee Double Concave toward the front, basically a hybrid between the Custom Quad and the One Thruster. The Custom Thruster comes with a bump wing at one foot off the tail.

Like all wave boards in this season’s line the Thruster is more buoyant by giving them a modern volume displacement through the middle compared to what are by now traditional wider, flatter wave boards.