KT Surfing Fringe 2022


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The new Fringe is your go to board for junk condtions. Much fuller nose and tail. Lower nose and tail rocker. We’re actually super proud of this one as it brings the performance mindset into a true all-around board.

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All-Around Penta

We added a little vee off the tail to keep the board on rail with the flatter tail rocker. A swallow tail to help with a little more grip with the fuller tail and tail block. Very quick to get going and keep its speed. Super fast in turns in average to messy waves. This one really is a must for any quiver.

The new Carbon Exoskeleton Construction is an incredibly efficient way by which we create and control the flex in our EPS Epoxy boards. Our layups are fine tuned to allow the board to flex slower than a normal EPS board.

Carbon Exoskeleton Construction.

Available in 5’4”, 5’5”, 5’6”, 5’7”, 5’8”, 5’9”, 5’10”, 5’11”, 6’0”, 6’1”, 6’2”, 6’4”.

5 Futures White ILT finboxes.

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5'4", 5'5", 5'10", 5'11", 5'6", 5'7", 5'8", 5'9", 6'0", 6'1", 6'2", 6'4"


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