Goya Proton IV PRO 2022


Version three of the Proton Pro has an incredible wind range at super high speed.

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The rockers have been substantially reworked, with a slightly lower entry rocker, improving planing and top speed significantly.

The outlines have gotten more parallel, meaning a wider tail for more power and a more comfortable stance as well as a slightly wider nose that gives a bit more lift and early planing. The deck has also been closely re-examined and gotten flatter, so when you are gybing the boards are more stable. The deck around the footsteps has been made more comfortable so you can ride for longer and push harder. The all new bottom shapes have been reworked with quite a lot more V and V-Concave through the entire board, giving it more power and easier railing possibilities, plus extra control. The double step cutouts are still very generous, but occupy slightly less area, less area meaning less resistance and therefor more speed, while the wider outline delivers the lift needed in lighter winds.

Specific size constructions for every size deliver a customized build, with full carbon fibres running in specialized directions. As the boards get bigger, the carbon construction gets stiffer. Developed in Spain and Hawaii by Ben van der Steen and our Goya Racing Team.

Carbon Construction, Full Carbon Hull.

Bio Resin.

Available in 97, 112, 118, 137 liters.

Sizes 112, 118, 137 come foil ready.

Tuttle / Deep Tuttle center finbox.

In-board and out-board footstrap options.

Available in Neon Yellow & Red on Metallic Moss Green.

High Density Full Double Sandwich.

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