Chinook PRO 1 RDG Alloy Boom


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RDG stands for Reduced Diameter Grip. This is a new model for 2016. We’ve reduced the grip diameter another 2mm from our standard small diameter Pro-1 Alloy Booms. To accomplish this yet retain the durability and stiffness our Alloy booms are known for, we use a special tapered tube. This allows us to use our new Fiber Composite 2-Pin Adjusting Collars and proven continuous tail-piece, providing stiffness and durability you expect from Chinook. Partly due to the alloy tubing and also a slightly reduced adjustment range, the boom is lighter than other non-tapered booms on the market. The addition of absolute length markings on a 40cm tail-piece aid with rigging your sail properly. Exceptional torsional rigidity and fits both standard and reduced diameter masts perfectly. One year warranty.

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  • 135-197cm and 159-212cm
  • Monocoque body
  • Custom Tapered Alloy
  • Fully Articulating Head
  • Absolute Length Markings
  • New double pin, composite adjustment collars
  • Positive snap-in skinny adapter
  • Modern bend curve
  • Rounded front curve makes hand transitions during jibes, tacks, and the most advanced freestyle moves feel natural
  • Grip Diameter: 27mm
  • Weight: 2,43kg and 3.63kg
  • Inside Width: 37cm and 41cm

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