Goya Mast 70% 2018


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The 70% is a cut above other budget masts.

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The all new 70% mast features more carbon than comparable masts and delivers outstanding performance and durability at an affordable price point.

The 70% is a wonderful line of masts in that they are affordable and durable and come in both RDM and SDM diameters. If you prefer SDM, this mast is for you. Especially casual flatwater riders will enjoy this popular mast offering good response and a light feel. While all Goya masts work in perfect synergy with Goya sails, the 70% offers great value for less money on top.

The 70% incorportes Diagonal Flex™. It allows Goya masts to twist very lively while being bent to extreme curves, working in direct synergy with Goya sails.


  • Goya’s Diagonal Flex™
  • Made in USA

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mast size

340 RDM, 370 RDM, 400 RDM, 430 RDM, 430 SDM, 460 RDM, 460 SDM, 490 RDM, 490 SDM


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