Goya Guru 2018

Controlwave 4 Batten

The Guru is the ultimate wave sail for easy power, comfort and control in wave and wave style conditions. Plus, it is the definition of armored durability.

The Guru is the product of many years of steady design evolution. A consistent favorite among discerning riders worldwide, Guru delivers smooth and easy power and effortless handling in strong wind. The cut of the sail, combined with the vinyl window make the sail feel easy and light in your hands, allowing for long sessions in challenging conditions with minimal fatigue. The Guru excels in all wave and wave style sailing conditions, down the line waves, onshore waves and powered up chop. It pairs with the full range of fin set ups, single, twin, thruster or quad. In addition to a flexible feel, the PVC window, with a little maintenance, will stay clear for the life of the sail.

Wildly popular with sailors looking for the ultimate flexy feel, easy power, massive range, monofilm free durability sail, the Guru continues to build its legacy. New window shapes increase the viewing area through the sail. Updated tack film materials strengthen the foot and increase the sail’s visual impact and style. New combination nylon/composite leech mini battens stabilize the leech trailing edge making the sail quieter in the hands and also more durable against material breakdown caused by an excessively fluttering leech.

Super light super strong scrim panels, woven Dacron luff panel, X-ply and PVC window, carbon fiber stretch control, titanium poly clew outhaul system, rip stop sleeve, molded tack fairing.